Why do people put owls in their backyards?

Have you ever noticed a plastic owl in someone’s backyard? You might be wondering why people put plastic owls in their gardens. The answer is simple: to keep birds away from their plants and gardens! Read on to find out how a plastic owl can help protect your garden from pesky birds.

Why Do People Use Plastic Owls?

Putting up a plastic owl can help deter birds from coming into your garden or yard. Most often, the presence of an owl in the area triggers a response called antipredator behavior, which causes birds to flee in fear of being attacked. Plastic owls are effective because they mimic the size and shape of real owls, and the reflective eyes appear to move when light hits them. This realism helps create a sense of danger for any birds that may wander into your garden or yard.

In addition to keeping away birds, plastic owls also serve as decorations for your lawn or garden. Unlike real owls, they won’t fly away during the night! Many people also choose to use plastic owls as part of their decorative scheme since they come in various sizes and colors, making them easy to customize according to your taste.

How to Use Plastic Owls Effectively

The key to making sure that your plastic owl is effective is by placing it strategically around your yard or garden. Make sure that the owl is visible from different angles and that it has enough space around it so that it looks realistic and believable – after all, real owls don’t typically live in cramped environments!

Consider hanging your owl on a pole near the edge of your property line or mount it on top of a tree branch so that it appears taller than usual – this will make it appear more intimidating for potential intruders! You may also want to place several smaller plastic owls around the area for added effect – this way you can cover more ground with fewer objects. Additionally, moving your plastic owl occasionally can help increase its effectiveness because birds won’t get used to seeing it in one spot all the time!


Plastic owls are an excellent tool for keeping unwanted birds away from your plants and gardens while also serving as an attractive decoration for your backyard! By placing them strategically around key areas and moving them occasionally, you can ensure maximum effectiveness while also maintaining a pleasing aesthetic look. So if you’re looking for an easy way to keep birds away without harming them, then consider investing in some fake owls today!

What are plastic owls used for?

Plastic owls can be used to help keep birds away from plants and gardens by triggering an antipredator response in them. They are also commonly used as decorative elements for lawns or gardens, as they come in a wide range of sizes and colors.

How do you use plastic owls effectively?

To use plastic owls effectively, it is important to place them in strategic locations where they will be visible from multiple angles and have enough room around them. You should also move the owls periodically to keep birds from getting used to seeing them in one spot all the time. Additionally, you may want to consider using multiple smaller owls in your yard or garden for added effect.

Do owls keep rats away?

There is no evidence to suggest that owls are effective at keeping rats away. Some people believe that the presence of an owl in an area may scare rats off, but there is little scientific research to support this claim. Instead, it is generally recommended to use other methods such as traps or rodenticides if you are looking to get rid of rats in your home or yard.