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We’re a private website constructed by two US birders and brothers, Ben and Henrik.

We are both keen birders and spend a great deal of our spare time in the field. However, since we started working on the idea of travellingbirder.com more and more time has been spent at the computer.

The first part of our website, the search engine to trip reports on the web, was launched on 14th July 2003 and in September 2003 we launched the second step; a searchable reference database on articles published in leading European and US birding magazines. Since then a Travel Forum had been added, and in March 2005 all features related to bird travel were moved to a separate website, Travellingbirder.com.

Henrik works as an engineer and web coordinator in a company manufacturing high-end audio and video equipment.

Ben lives in Midwest and works in a biotech company as a research chemist.

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